My Year Without Lying

12 Oct

The philosopher Immanuel Kant said lying was always morally wrong – and I’m writing a book about my experience.

In all honesty it’s been a mission getting the book into a publishable state. I loved the first draft, and thought it would be a shoe-in after all the media coverage I received. But alas the publishing world didn’t feel the same way, and with hindsight they weren’t entirely wrong. I’m rewriting it now – the publishers wanted “Yes Kant” after the success of “Yes Man,” but I want to be true to what the year was really about (without now boring the reader to death with my endless philosophical musings).

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One Response to “My Year Without Lying”

  1. Rose Shillito May 4, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    hi, I read your article in The Times on Monday May 2, 2011. I found it really funny and searingly honest. thanks for that. I will try to read more of your stuff.

    Ps I do hope you did end up being pleasantly surprised!

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